Desktop Destroyer rebirth

Many played the Desktop Destroyer / Stress Reducer back in the days and really loved it. It created so many fond memories in many peoples childhood days.

That's why Casual Desktop Game has been created. To bring back the old fun in a new and modern shape - which means downloadable community content and other community features. Thus the game is freely available to download and play via Steam.

Casual Desktop Game features AngelScript to create tools/entities.


Welcome to Casual Desktop Game

Casual Desktop Game is a fanmade remake of the ancient Desktop Destroyer.

The games style is the same like the original game, except that you can download new tools, entities and other stuff from the Steam Workshop.

Tools are made by programming them via AngelScript, a popular scripting engine in the game programming universe.

Become part of the community, play the game on Steam and revive your childhood.

The game is free to play and there are no payable items since we believe that such kind of game must be totally free of charge.

Casual Desktop Game is a modern product

x64 platform
4.5/5 Stars

Why players love the game

"I utterly forgot Desktop Destroyer until I saw this, and the nostalgic joy about brings a tear to my eye. For my money, nothing beats the hammer, 's better than bubble wrap (almost). This is a glorious chunk of internet gaming history, and my hat is off to the devs for bringing it back in full force--thank you!"
"It's a pretty good game, lots of customizations and I love getting anger out smashing my computer inside my computer."
"A decent little game that I mostly enjoyed because of nostalgia from remembering the old windows destroyer game as a kid and it is free."
"very good for when you are bored, plus its free, i wish more people knew about this gem of a game"
"It feels almost timeless. This game is an active game that is still getting updates and yet it feels like it was made in like 2002. But that's a good thing! It's really fun. Good time killer and it's just... nice."
"I like where this game is going, following suit from the old Windows time killer. I would love to see how it will be improved."

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If you have any questions, please create a discussion in the Steam forums.